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Need help with your Uni paper? Well, we tested over 30 services on the market to shortlist only 5. We ranked such criteria as price/reliability/ quality/ customer service and overall user experience. Services we selected below are the ones that scored the highest in our examination.

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The moment I got a rough patch of assignments during my semester is the moment I’ve decided to use an essay writing service.

One of my friends suggested putting a few extra dollars to use and getting assistance from writing services and has promptly given a few suggestions. Among some of those happened to be EssayGuardian, the cheapest of the bunch. I’m here to report that I’ve given it a try and to showcase the results.

General Impressions

At first, seems like your usual essay writing service. This scholastic company provides essays, research papers, book reviews, coursework and dissertation writing along with nearly every other kind of assignment.

Not too flashy, a bit archaic and somewhat dull.

EssayGuardian Review

The usual guarantees were in place.

  • Professional Writers and Academic Authors
  • Unmatched Quality
  • Service Online 24/7

Another thing of note is the inclusion of the VeraSafe trusted site badge. The thing is, however, is that once you click on it expecting a legit site, you’re met with a message “Site Not Yet Verified.” Reliable, right? This doesn’t bode too well.

Pricing Policy

The service seemed to be cheaper than the majority of its peers (but I wouldn’t necessarily call it a benefit). There is a prices calculator option which lets everyone calculate the price of their subsequent order before the discount is applied.

Calculations get directly influenced by things like the type of work, academic level, paper standard (average, guaranteed distinction/merit/pass, premium, and standard).

Discounts and Promo Offers

The site seemed affordable to me at the time.

There are no discounts codes, and price reductions are applied whenever a customer hits a certain threshold. In short, the more pages on your order, the less you pay. Simple, right?

There wasn’t any promo code on offer, too. Legit

How Customer Support Works

I was greeted with an option to open up the live chat with the support team the very second I’ve visited the site. And, humorously, a pop-up message is quick to explain that there is no chat bot here. Given this once-a-lifetime opportunity, I opened the chat window and started asking questions that were related to the nature of the site.

The person on the other side was named Jim; he was very soft spoken and articulate. Whoever that person was, they did an expert job getting me on board. I’ve placed the order and moved on – it was a college essay on “Women Suffrage Movements.” I’ve returned a few days later to check up on the progress and read more testimonials.

Customer Feedback

Well, given the fact that I’ve already placed the order, I decided to discover what kind of performance they’ve shown to past clients and read their reviews.

In a word, it’s not stellar. Quite the opposite, in fact. Everything I’ve read about EssayGuardian seemed to generate a mixed response from customers. plagiarism


So here we are, at the end of the review, allow me to conclude this ordeal. Had I known about the track record of this service I wouldn’t have even looked at its general direction.

A few things were wrong with my paper. For one, the writing seemed plagiarized, there were almost no citations. The bibliography was there, but in-text attributions were nowhere to be found. Who writes like that? The ideas weren’t that fleshed out, either.

Anyway, the service had all the makings of decent service: usual marketing shtick and assurances of quality were all there. Stuff like plagiarism-free content written by skilled people, timely delivery and satisfaction guarantees.

From now on I’m programmed to ignore these kinds of statements thanks to EssayGuardian.

What a disaster my experience was. Students, be cautious, buy somewhere else.

Considering all the negative aspects of we would recommend you to try more reliable service

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