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Need help with your Uni paper? Well, we tested over 30 services on the market to shortlist only 5. We ranked such criteria as price/reliability/ quality/ customer service and overall user experience. Services we selected below are the ones that scored the highest in our examination.

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Review of – Is This Site Worth Your Money and Your Time?

You know, I am not much of a regular user of essay writing services. However, when I need one, I try to pick the best one. Unfortunately, for a long time, I couldn’t manage to find the most professional service, so my searches continued. Today I will tell you about a site I have found in Google search results. It is called EssayVikings.

Frankly speaking, at first glance I thought “Oh, what an interesting name for a site! I will check it out for myself, and not let other people’s opinions dictate my decision.” I needed a site with really fast turnaround, as I was seriously pressed for time . I took a chance and gave my paper to these guys, letting them work their magic. So, here is my review, as honest as I could make it.

What Do Other People Think about the Site?

I always check the reviews about the service of a site before making an order. They can protect you from scam artists along the way, and save you the hassle of forum surfing. Honestly, I was surprised to see hardly any negative comments. Only a few people had bad things to say about EssayVikings, and frankly, they sounded like the kind of people who are impossible to please.


The number of satisfied customers was decidedly greater. Almost everybody admired their swift work, which was a good sign for me. As I already said, I would visit the site regardless of comments, but felt even more confident about it after reviewing people’s thoughts.

The Appearance and Content of the Site

And here was the first disappointment. I saw a good-looking logo, but it looked way too much like others I’d seen a thousand times before to be completely at ease. Come on, guys: claim to write papers without plagiarism, but your attempt to steal Finn the Human and Jake the Dog from Adventure Time is obvious. Yes, you have changed their appearance a little, but believe me–you’re not fooling anyone with a TV.

When you hear Essay Vikings, you expect to see something Scandinavian, something about Skyrim… not a fancy white-yellow-blue theme with a childish mascot. So, the appearance was frankly disappointing, but it’s not the main thing you should be worried about on a writing site, right?

The content and structure of the site are simple, nothing extraordinarily confusing was found. There is a set of guarantees, absolutely standard for every similar service. They are registered on Cyprus, as written on the Terms of Use page. I have no problem with this, honestly. I liked the blog placed on the site. It is really interesting to read.

Ordering Process and Communication with Support

This time I had to make this order:

  • An essay on tourism
  • 4 pages
  • MLA
  • 4-hour deadline
  • The highest quality
  • 10 works cited

I started constructing the order in the form, but could not get the final price without registration. I always like to know the exact price before joining the site, so I started consulting with a support manager. The support chat window was situated on the bottom line of the site, and they were not bothering me with calls and pop-ups like “please, ask us something”, “we are ready to help you” and annoying noises. This is a great plus, believe me.

So, I asked a girl about the price of the paper and enlisted its features. The girl swiftly got me a price list for the pages and the quality charge.

I registered, picked my writer and paid for the order. It was about $50 for an essay page. Well, the deadline was really, really last minute, so such a price makes sense. It could be slightly lower, as for me, but still seems pretty average. I have seen much higher ones before. I liked the option to choose my own writer according to their customer satisfaction and completed orders ratios.

A Few Words about the Paper I Got from Them

I will finish my review of with an attitude to the paper I have got. You know, I was highly satisfied. Not sure if I was just lucky, but they really managed to meet my expectations. The paper did not contain plagiarism, was written in a professional, academic language without mistakes. Plus they managed to meet my nearly impossible deadline.


In the end, my general opinion, is legit? I would answer ‘yes’. Despite the confusing appearance, and awful choice of mascot, the site is clear and simple. Even a first grader can use it. They are managed to write good papers by tight deadlines. I would recommend Essay Vikings for anyone who is short on time and needs professional academic papers.


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