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Need help with your Uni paper? Well, we tested over 30 services on the market to shortlist only 5. We ranked such criteria as price/reliability/ quality/ customer service and overall user experience. Services we selected below are the ones that scored the highest in our examination.

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A Comprehensive Edusson Australia Review

Most students find themselves floundering with their university work load at least some of the time. This is why they tend to consider services like those offered by Edusson Australia in such circumstances. For a while now, we had been hearing about this online writing business and we decided to finally take a look for ourselves. Here is what we discovered during this Australian Edusson review…

edusson review

An Appraisal of Edusson Essay Service

The interesting thing that we discovered about this web-based writing business is that it offers users two distinct options. The first is where you simply get help with your essays or your assignments. The other is where the writer fully constructs the work for you.

Regardless of which avenue you decide to go with, these are the opportunities available to you:

  • All kinds of essays
  • Article, Book, and Movie Review
  • Annotated Bibliography
  • Business Plan
  • Creative Writing
  • Dissertation
  • Lab Report
  • Presentation
  • Research Proposal

As we discovered, this particular company has a lot more to offer than your average online writing business. Therefore, you should be able to have any and all of your academic work tended to without any issue at all.


Our first point of discontent with the Edusson AU prices. It is not that they are unreasonable. However, they can be rather chaotic to understand, especially if you haven’t previously used such a service. For instance, when we decided to order a few essays and assignments, we thought we would be paying a set amount. This wasn’t the case.

Rather, once we specified what we wanted, we experienced somewhat of a bidding war. This is because, here, the writers are the ones that set the prices. It will then be up to you to decide what cost seems most reasonable and then go with the writer attached to it.

Customer Support

The only real customer support offered here is the Live Chat. This works well enough if you simply want to clarify certain things about placing your order. In fact, we found that this was the main purpose of this chat. When we did go through some students’ Edusson AU reviews, though, we found this mode of communication to be sufficient.

If you do want to speak about refunds or the quality of work, however, it isn’t quite as easy. There is only an address in Cyprus offered up and no accompanying telephone. So, if you do want further help, you are going to have to work it out through email or chats.


So, what did we think about the papers that we received? Well, we ordered work from different writers and we found that the resulting assignments reflected that. For instance, the writers with the higher ranking did turn in better work. Conversely, those that didn’t have high recommendations were less professional.

In the second batch of work, we found a few grammatical mistakes at various points, although the essays were well-written. From this alone, we could see that there was a lack of proofreading. On the upside, though, we were also able to rule out the possibility of Edusson plagiarism by running the papers through our own checker.


We also looked into replying to the concern of “is Edusson AU legit?” For the most part, this does depend on how you use the services. For instance, if you do get a fully constructed essay, you can use it as a guide to write your own paper. Under such circumstances, the process is completely legal.

As for the assistance aspect of these writing services, this is absolutely legitimate as well. Since you are merely getting help with various elements of your academic career, it is allowed, even by academic institutions.

Guarantees and Safety

Now, with such online writing organizations, it is important to answer the question “is Edusson reliable?” After ordering certain papers, we were able to determine that this company is, in fact, dependable. To start with, you get the work that you requested, in a timely fashion.

Also, all of the payment methods are completely legitimate. We were able to use avenues that we were familiar with and that who could verify the validity of the company. Thus, we had no reservations about relying on this service.


Another point that we appreciated about this website is that the whole design is rather clear-cut. From the moment that we arrived at the page, we knew exactly where to go and what to do. In terms of this, it is very simple to navigate around this website.

On a similar note, the ordering process was rather stress-free as well. Apart from the bidding aspect of it all, you will be able to place your order within a very short period of time.


There are actually quite a few writers to select from on this site. That being said, we immediately could see that they were not all equal. It is easy enough to discern the good from the average writers simply by looking at their rankings and their completion rate. There are also a few, basic details offered about each individual.

Despite this, there is no denying that you are taking a bit of a shot in the dark when picking a writer. After all, you do have to take the people – and the website – at their word. Fortunately, we discovered that the ranking did match up to the work that we received.


Here are the top benefits of using this writing company:

  • Can select between assistance and writing essays
  • Simply layout
  • Quick ordering process
  • Numerous writers to select from
  • Legitimate enterprise


These are the main disadvantages when hiring this service:

  • Discrepancy between quality of writers and the work that they produce


So, what was our final determination regarding this online writing business? Well, it is certainly not perfect and there are a few flaws. The most notable one is regarding the differences in the quality of work. Apart from this, though, we decided that this was a rather suitable service to order from. You get the results that you are promised and can greatly improve your grades in school in the process.