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Need help with your Uni paper? Well, we tested over 30 services on the market to shortlist only 5. We ranked such criteria as price/reliability/ quality/ customer service and overall user experience. Services we selected below are the ones that scored the highest in our examination.

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Since many students are wondering what paper writing service to choose, this review of mine might be a good piece of advice for someone out there. I chose because I wanted to see if they walked their talk. The paper I required to be done on my behalf, was in the category of Movies, and the topic: Does Violence in Media and Hollywood Reflect Society or Influence It? Due to the fact that I’m hospitalized with an intestinal illness, I haven’t been able to do this work. However, it isn’t an urgent job.

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My impression of the website: 

The home page body text is quite crammed together. That might be saving space, or works well for mobile, but it looks cluttered. More white space would look easier on the eye.

There’s an emphasis on the 15% discount, with a banner at the top of the page, and a small pop-up with a promo code reminding you, near the bottom.

The website name is plastered on the home page, as is ‘essay writing’ again and again. Less is more, but they seem to want to overstate the case.

Prices Review:

There’s a box on the left which is easily navig

able. Simply enter in the relevant information, currency, and then Proceed to Order.

The price starts at $12.99 per page, and rapidly escalates, depending on length of work required and how urgently. My sample essay, set for 14 days, was quoted at 2K words which came to $29.98 without the promo discount. $119.92 with discount of $17.98 = $101.94.

Trustessaywriting Reliable

Customer Service Review:

The home page discount of 15%, which appears to be for new customers, didn’t work in the correct box. In fact, it returned a message, stating it had expired. This seems unusual, given the heavy promotion of it on the home page.

I contacted LiveChat for their help. Talked to Adam, who asked if I had clicked on the banner when placing my order. I answered that I wrote it in manually. He put me onto another team member, who sent a link that embedded the discount.

Other Points About TrustEssay:

  • FAQ page is thorough, but answers are in gray writing, which can make it hard to read.
  • Extras page is well set-out, but there’s a typo with specifying a price, with the word Standard, spelled ‘Standart’. Twice on the same page, which is a doubtful quality.
  • Their writers are well vetted. They must have either a master’s degree, or PhD holder in order to be considered as a professional writer on That is a matter of pride for them.
  • Most writers are US-based, but they have an option for UK writers. Intriguingly enough, they will charge an additional 10% for British writers.
  • The testimonials on the home page are quite gushy.
  • They claim a positive feedback rate of 99%.
  • The Blog page is quite well laid out. It’s good to see simple graphics and photos which point to what services are available.
  • On the home page, the Free Services is a nice idea, giving the impression that you don’t have to pay for those aspects of the essay writing – such as number of amendments, proofing, title page, plagiarism report, etc. However, that’s like car dealers going on about an engine with all the bells and whistles, essentially being the same thing – without it, you get nowhere. So, you are in fact paying for those so-called free services, within your price quoted.

Trustessaywriting Legit

Overall Impression:

The personal discount expiry took 13 minutes to rectify on LiveChat. I think that’s too long for a simple matter; and one which they seem proud of promoting on their homepage. It would be smart to have it sorted out, to save this from happening to someone else. Other people might easily turn away from their site and go elsewhere, as soon as they run into this issue.

I found the blue and tan color scheme a bit of an eyesore. The use of check marks as bullet point lists is the ‘same-old’ of many similar websites. It’s like the interior decorating trend to beige – i.e. bland.

Would I buy papers from Not right off the bat. I would be inclined to look at other websites first, before making a decision. There’s really nothing about TrustEssay that stands out and captures my attention to want to hire them. I might do so on the recommendation of a friend, if it came to that, but otherwise, I’m going to go out of my way. They seem too ‘standart’ for a custom essay writing company.

Considering all the negative aspects of we would recommend you to try more reliable service

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