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EduBirdie Review – High Quality Assignment Writing Service

If you are a student well-versed in writing essays, you will probably be aware of the fact that almost all of the lecturers hate receiving similar works from different students. Plagiarism is always frowned upon by teachers and could carry consequences as serious as reworking the whole course itself. I have always been a student who always tries to choose topics that others won’t dream about. It’s my way of avoiding such situations.

However, I wasn’t so lucky in my Human Physiology course. My fellow course mate and I have unknowingly chosen the same topic, and mine was ruled out because I got to submit after he had submitted his. I was given less than a day to re-submit another topic, and this time, the teacher chose the topic himself – “The Physiology behind phantom pain in amputees”. This was totally foreign territory for me, and I was too angry to think straight towards seven pages’ worth of essay work.


Edubirdie ReviewsI had heard from other students about the high ratings given to writing, but I often dismissed it as overhyping. Having my present situation stare me in the face, I felt this was a good time to test my dismissive notions. Hence I decided to use the writing site, to see if it was worth the hype.

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Touring The Site

Although I practically had limited time to be surfing a writing site, I decided to go through this one. One thing I could notice was how they expertly arranged information to market their services. They outlined features like:

  • The unmatched quality of their help
  • Their timely and effective delivery
  • Moderate pricing range.
  • The best pick of writers, etc.

These were most essential features anyone would look for in an essay, and they made it sound like every essay possessed that and more. My next stop was the sample list. This is where I was convinced that they weren’t bluffing. The technicality used to write some of their samples could only be achieved by someone who knew that field like the palm of his hand. The English quality was perfect for lack of more appropriate words.

I then scrolled down to check for any information I could glean from their writing team. I was amazed to see their ratings, and the statistics of every task done by every writer was posted beside their names. A good number of them were PhD holders, almost all of them. I understood that these people weren’t here to joke; they were serious about the help they rendered.


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Getting my order in place

I then looked for any review I could find on the site itself. I found them, and here’s what I found more intriguing: Reviews were written not only about the services of the site alone but also on the individual writers too. They were all encouraging; they made me feel like I was doing the right thing to use the services of I finally typed in my email to commence the order process. I chose the essay category, the deadline I needed, as well as the topic. The next mini-window asked me to choose the category of the writer I wanted working my task. I was still feeling annoyed about my wasted work; I chose the standard writer. Our teacher was quite neutral on citation styles, so I chose Other and decided to go with the AMA style. It seemed befitting for a medically themed task.

The next step of the order was where I got to upload my task specifications and choose my writer. I did the former, then got a reasonable bid from one of the available writing experts, and got in touch with her. We discussed the task in detail, and she agreed to work with the deadline. I made the payment, and she started work.


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Getting my paper done by

While waiting, I tried to look for some form of contact to use if I had any impending questions. I found a chat system that was available all day every day of the week. I decided to ask them some personal issues. The chat operator was very polite. He respectfully debugged all the false notions I generally had about their writing site. He even encouraged me to use the support ticket system for more comprehensive questions and helped me locate that section of the site.

The deadline came by, and my writer messaged me, requesting an extra five minutes, to which I obliged. I still had four full hours to the submission of my work. Three minutes later, she sent me the finished essay, and I sat down to look through.

I was impressed. She had done a clean job on the topic. I even got to learn some facts I never knew just reading through. There were no errors, and no big, ambiguous words. Everything was excellent.

Now that I firsthand experienced’s quality help, I would be happy to recommend them to any other person who might find himself in my kind of situation. And I am coming back for another order.

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